Studio Production Workshop
Class Size Limited To 4 Attendees Total: 8 Hours
Offered on the second Saturday of each month Fee: $75 Prerequisite: Sponsoring Producer Status Potential Producers learn the ins and outs of portable, ENG style production. Attendees will receive practical training on portable cameras, lighting and audio equipment as well as practical application training with regard to editing a portable project.Attendees receive one thirty-minute DVC Pro tape included in the course fee. Attendees will be eligible to receive staff-assistance throughout their allotted linear editing sessions during the course of their first project only. All pre-edit production elements must be completed, assembled and approved by CTV staff before an edit can begin. One is considered to be a “Certified Producer” in the portable

Non -Linear Editing Workshop
Class Size Limited To 4 Attendees Total: 12 Hours
Scheduled on an “as-needed” basis with CTV staff Fee: $100 Prerequisite: Volunteer Producer Status Volunteer Producers who complete either the Portable Production workshop or the Studio Production workshop will be eligible to receive non-linear editing training. The current system employed at SICTV is Macintosh Final Cut Pro. Producers will be trained to assemble their program complete with audio/video transitions as well as graphic titling capability.

Computer Graphics Workshop

Class Size Limited To 4 Attendees Total: 2 Hours
Scheduled on an “as-needed” basis with CTV staff Fee: Included in either Portable or Studio Workshop Fee Prerequisite: Volunteer Producer Status Upon achieving “Volunteer Producer Status”, one will become eligible for training on Adobe Photoshop for the purposes of creating and employing useful computer graphics for insertion in either a studio or portable project. All Volunteer Producers are required to pay a $40 annual fee to SICTV. This fee will be waived for one year, if the producer completes BOTH Studio and Portable training within 6 months of each other. One may pre-pay for both or receive a credit toward their second track of training if they have already paid their $40 annual fee. Upon completion of Orientation AND Pre-Production, a volunteer achieves “Sponsoring Producer” status. A Sponsoring Producer is eligible to present programs for cablecast but IS NOT allowed to handle or operate any CTV equipment. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for authorized CTV training on all equipment. ONLY a Certified Volunteer Producer may operate any equipment belonging to CTV. Any and all fees payable to CTV may be made via personal check, money order, or credit card (Mastercard, AMEX, Visa). CTV cannot accept cash as a means of payment. A bounced check will result in a $20 fee. All training schedules are subject to change at the discretion of CTV.

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