Staten Island Community Television
Staten Island Community Television (CTV) is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide Public Access to training, facilities, and air time on Time Warner Cable's Local Television System. Currently, Volunteer Producers are offered training in studio production (dvc pro based), portable, "ENG style" production (mini DV), linear and non-linear editing techniques (Final Cut Pro) .

Anyone applying for an internship at CTV must be receiving College credit for his or her work, documentation from an accredited University is required, outlining the specific requirements of each individual school. High School students may be eligible for an internship under special CTV outreach programs. An intern's schedule will be designed based upon the student's availablity and to conform to the needs of CTV. Interns mus adhere to their schedule and use the Time Clock System. All applications must be submitted in writing to the office of the Executive Director including a brief description of the student's current school status, interests, and goals. A copy of the "Staten Island Community Television Internship program description" is readily available from the cablecast area or administration office for submission to school authorities. Interns at CTV would be expected to assist staff as necessary with dubbing tapes for air and with general office duties. Interns are not permitted to assist volunteer producers during required work hours. In addition, an internship at CTV offers the oppurtunity to assist in Studio and Portable shoots, and with non-linear editing projects as necessary, students interested in production are highly encouraged to apply, especially those with an interest in or experience with video editing.